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Easy Cod Fishcakes recipe

This is one of the easiest recipes using cod that is perfect for getting more fresh fish into your children. Serve either with a chilli sauce or a garlicky mayonnaise.


2 potatoes,
450g cubed cod
1 small onion
1 egg
1 tbsp. butter
Bunch of fresh parsley
Dash of oil to fry
Salt and pepper


  1. Peel and halve the potatoes. Put them in cold water and bring to the boil. Cook for about twenty minutes or until very nearly cooked.

  2. Grate the onion and finely chop the parsley.

  3. Add the fish to the pot with the potatoes and let them both cook until soft, about ten minutes.

  4. Drain them both and then put them into a large bowl.

  5. Add the butter, onion, parsley and egg into the bowl and beat the ingredients together until fully combined. Season the mixture well.

  6. Heat the oil gently in a frying pan and begin to shape the fish mixture into patties.

  7. Fry for about 3 minutes on each side or until golden brown.

Author: Laura Young.

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450gabout 16 oz (15.87285 oz based on 0.035273 ounces in a gram)


Published: February 3, 2011
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